Midwest Monitoring

Midwest Monitoring was interested in a software system that would allow for the tracking of equipment during the entire system lifecycle, account for payments made by both individuals as well as municipalities and offer real-time information on the monitoring events that were being serviced by the company. Aguardion.com was able to solve each of these requests and allow Midwest Monitoring the ability to take control of their systems.

More than just a financial accounting system Aguardion.com is a logistics platform that puts actionable information into the hands of the monitoring company. Before Aguardion.com Midwest Monitoring was using several disparate systems to keep track their clients, including the billing challenges that come with self-pay clients. Aguardion.com gave them a simple to understand dashboard that allowed managers to quickly review their clients and customer service representatives the ability to service those clients.

Aguardion.com is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that will allow Midwest Monitoring to grow with the system without the need to upgrade individual software packages. This offers a lifecycle view of the future, not just a set of features.