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Milwaukee, WI based JusticePoint and Twin Cities based Aguardion are excited to announce a new partnership aimed at leveraging Aguardion’s software development expertise to develop best-in-class software applications aimed at supporting JusticePoint’s criminal justice programs throughout the Midwest.

“As a resident of a community served by JusticePoint programs, this partnership is exciting both professionally and personally. Aguardion is excited to work with an organization that is active in our communities with programs to improve outcomes, reduce disparities, and push for a more equitable criminal justice system” commented Aguardion’s Director of Company Development, Jonathan Allen.

“We’ve created an organization whose origins are rooted in the research, practice, and scholarship that have focused on system operations and risk mitigation strategies in the administration of justice services. We believe that our partnership with Aguardion will propel us into the next generation of data collection and research that is so desperately needed in our field”, remarked Chief Operations Officer Edward Gordon. 

About JusticePoint

JusticePoint is a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving outcomes, enhancing equity, and applying evidence-based practices within the criminal justice system. JusticePoint operates dozens of pretrial, diversion, and problem-solving court programs, peer support, and electronic monitoring throughout jurisdictions in Wisconsin and Minnesota. JusticePoint’s services are specifically designed to identify and mitigate individual risk to ensure that the justice system can operate as effectively and efficiently as possible while striving to improve the life outcomes of those served.

About Aguardion

Aguardion is a community corrections focused software company that provides software solutions to public and private probation, electronic monitoring, treatment, and diversion programs throughout the United States.