Tampa Bay Monitoring


Secure, reliable, discreet, and affordable electronic monitoring solutions.

“We state of the art alcohol testing tools to help criminal, traffic, drug, veterans and family courts, agencies, and alcohol treatment professionals to continuously monitor their clients’ sobriety. Through our screening process, Tampa Bay Monitoring can recommend and provide a device that is best suited for their medical needs and work situation.

Our complete offender management program also provides active and remote state of the art GPS with the most secure straps available today. This allows the defendant to maintain employment while helping to assure the safety of our community.”
– Tampa Bay Monitoring

What challenges did Tampa Bay Monitoring face prior to Aguardion?
“Prior to Aguardion we had no centralized solution to manage inventory or payments among clients…Aguardion has allowed us to organize all of [the] data into one place…”

What value has Aguardion brought?
“Aguardion has helped cut down on all the tedium that having physical files created.
Rather than sifting through a hundred files, all it takes is a few clicks to obtain the same information….”

Describe your experience with Aguardion.
“My experience with the Aguardion team has been excellent. I constantly email and call several different companies throughout a normal workday. Aguardion has been the easiest to reach and easiest to work with.”

What feature do you like the most?
“The payment pool feature is something we’ve wanted for a long time. Monitoring requires recurring payments, but I have yet to find anything else out there that takes into consideration payments on a day to day basis.”

Would you recommend Aguardion?

“Aguardion is absolutely a must for any company who’s wishing to take their organization to the next level. It’s the best way to save time on performing simple tasks like payment processing.”