Aguardion builds innovative electronic monitoring software solutions, provides 24/7 expert support, enables triumphs in collections, and streamlines operations.

Aguardion is the first device agnostic electronic monitoring software solution in the world. Simplify your processes with our advanced business analytics that provide you with detailed insights and comprehensive reporting.

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Streamline Operations

Centralize Participant Records: Secure participant documentation and payment processing capabilities

Vendor Neutral Inventory Management: Track and manage your assets, protect your capital 

Simplified Training and Reduced Overhead: Decrease your dependence on third party apps

PCI-Compliant Credit Card Storage: Eliminate risky paper records

Advanced Business Analytics

Mobile Friendly, Real Time Insights: Review agency, location, program and employee performance from the office or on the road

Data-Based Decision-Making: Grow your business with historical insights

Turbocharge Growth

Identify Profit/Loss Centers: Eliminate loss and maximize the bottom line

Maximize Resources: Cut down on lost time and increase your productivity 

Scale Smartly: Save money & time to reinvest in your business 

Fee Management, Reimagined

Color-Coded Payment Dashboards: Payment statuses and reporting in real time

Optimized Collections: Robust invoicing options and payment tracking

Participant Portal: Encourage active involvement in the collection process 

Modern, Open-Source Design: Customized to fit your needs

Designed with Your Business in Mind

Streamlined Ops: Communicate, document, and reference all your records in one place

Mobile Friendly: Case and business management from anywhere

Limit Liability: Built to the latest privacy and accessibility standards

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