Reporting and Insights

With Aguardion you have access to in depth reporting, collection insights, and inventory management using real time data that empowers you to make important business decisions. Get live updates on your financials and daily operations in one centralized reporting dashboard.

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Inventory Insights

Track Your Inventory: Log and match specific units to the participants assigned to them

Resource Management: Vendor neutral inventory handling and counts for specific employees and locations

Reduce Expenditures: Improve processing and allocation decisions using accurate data 

Turbocharge Growth

Collection Dashboards: Color-coded, real-time financial information at your fingertips

Optimized Collections: Robust invoicing options and payment tracking

Participant Portal Access: Efficient, 24/7 payment options

Advanced Business Analytics: Eliminate loss and maximize the bottom line

Correspondence Center 

Inform and Educate: Knowledge base and support website for staff guidance 

Activity Log: View and interact with previous tickets and access real time ticket statuses 

Industry Experts and Insiders: Trained professionals to provide support and create resolution