Electronic Monitoring with Alcohol Monitors: The Evolution and Efficacy in Addressing Alcohol-Related Offences

Introduction The technological advancements of the 21st century have significantly transformed multiple sectors, including the justice system, thereby reshaping societal norms and operations. One area where this effect is conspicuously evident is in the arena of alcohol monitoring devices, where technology has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated alcohol monitors that promise a sea-change...

A Modern Approach to Supervision and Criminal Justice

Technological innovation has revolutionized various sectors, including criminal justice, where we see profound impacts in the realm of offender monitoring and control. A key advancement in this area is the integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology into electronic monitoring (EM) devices.

Improve Client Outcomes

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Reporting and Insights

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Becca Osborn, Former Office Manager

Processing cards through the Aguardion system was a big factor in [our] decision to switch. We like that they have an offender portal that allowed people to view their balance and pay online. The color coding [of the financial dashboard] has made it easier to identify clients who need to make a payment.