Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of Aguardions most frequently asked questions and answers about our software and equipment. If you can’t find an answer to specific questions or concerns, please contact us for more information.


How does the software reduce equipment loss?
The Aguardion system gives you an unparalleled look into the location, status and condition of all your equipment regardless of the manufacturer. In addition, the Aguardion system allows you to gain insights into your inventory, like equipment lifecycle.
Can you track different manufacturers equipment?
Yes, the Aguardion system is designed to help organizations that run multiple program and equipment types. The system can also support other non-traditional monitoring programs like ignition interlock.  
Can I pull a report showing my inventory by location?
Yes, the reports on inventory can be pulled by status, service date, device type or location.
Can we pull reports for Grant and County paid clients?
Yes, the Aguardion system includes comprehensive financial reporting that can be used to build invoices or gain insights into your business’s financial performance.
Can we send payment reminders to clients?
Yes, the Aguardion system has a reminder system that allows offenders to be notified of upcoming payments. The system can also be configured to send notifications to court or law enforcement contacts as well.
Can our clients make payments online?
Yes, our system includes a mobile-friendly offender portal that allows individuals to pay their fees as well as review past receipts.
Is the Aguardion System safe to store credit card information on?
Yes, the system is PCI compliant and all our servers are located at a secure datacenter location in Atlanta, Georgia- no sensitive data is stored overseas.
Can I add a surcharge to credit card payments within the Aguardion system?
Yes, it is possible to manually add a surcharge, but doing so might be in violation of your merchant terms of service or state law. Make sure to confer with all the relevant authorities before including surcharges.
Does the Aguardion system support credit card payments?
The Aguardion system integrates with the most common credit card gateways and can accommodate most credit card processors. Aguardion also maintains relationships with several processors that we can refer you to if need be.
How can I see if a field agent or another Office takes a payment?
The Aguardion system includes a robust reporting system that allows you to report on numerous aspects of your business, including the collection of payments. The Aguardion system reduces mistakes and ensures accountability across your organization. All activity, including payments, is available for viewing in real-time.
Can payments be taken in the field?
Yes, the Aguardion system is designed to allow field agents to process credit card payments or record cash transactions from any internet-enabled laptop or mobile device.
How does the Aguardion system increase our collection rate?
The Aguardion system increases collections by simplifying the process through an easy to use, color-coded presentation of all your offender’s payment statuses. The Aguardion system enables your organization to go from a reactive to a proactive collection approach, reducing delinquent accounts and freeing up time to focus on growing the business.
Can I store client documents on the system?
Yes, the log function includes the ability to add external documents to a monitoring record.
Do I need to add new software to my current system?
No. Just like Netflix, Gmail or Facebook, the Aguardion system is ‘Software as a Service’ and requires nothing beyond an internet-enabled device to utilize.
Can field agents use the system on a smartphone or tablet?
Yes, the Aguardion system is designed using the latest mobile-friendly techniques to ensure it is accessible across all internet-enabled devices. The system also includes specific user types for all your employees.
Does the software integrate with QuickBooks?
The Aguardion system offers robust reporting capabilities that allow business managers to view a wide range of reports. These reports are Microsoft Office compatible and can be easily uploaded into 3rd party software like QuickBooks.
Does the system keep a log of all communications with the client?
Yes, the Aguardion system includes a log function that can be used to record communications, case notes and attach external documents. This log is permanent and can be printed or exported for use during testimony.
What does the Aguardion software focus on?
The Aguardion system focuses on streamlining the operations of public and private electronic monitoring program providers.